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Lane Engine was formed to revolutionise the bowling industry

Lane Engine was formed in 2019 as part of the Booked it Group. Booked it provide industry leading solutions to businesses operating in hospitality, leisure and entertainment. In 2019 the Booked it team see a clear need and demand in the bowing industry. After months of feedback from industry leading experts, owners, proprietors and managers Lane Engine was formed. 

Since then Lane Engine as helped customers across the UK and US book tens of thousands of lanes but this is just the start. We’re ready to revolutionise bowling with technology that will change how you do business forever, enabling your bowling business to use data for highly targeted marketing campaigns that drive loyalty to drive spend per head and ultimately get more people through the door.

Bowling business have gone through an unforeseen but necessary transformation since the pandemic began. We understand that because our business has evolved too. Through Lane Engine, we’re ready and able to equip bowling businesses like yours with the tools and knowledge you need to navigate this new world.

Team Lane Engine


The Lane Engine Team

Brad Nobbs
CEO & Co-Founder
Nicholas Dossett
Account Manager
James Rendell
Account Executive
Peter Trawford
Max Silver
Business Development
Molly Gordon
Social Media
James Jenkins
Data Analyst