5 of the best automated marketing messages to keep your customers engaged

5 Of The Best Automated Marketing Messages To Keep Your Customers Engaged

How to get more customers is the thing that keeps most bowling centre managers awake at night. A promotion maybe, some local advertising perhaps. Actually, what you probably need to do first is some automation. Automated marketing messages are fantastic at keeping your customers engaged, and your bowling centre top of mind, ready for the weekend when they’re deciding on the weekend’s activity. Here are the 5 best automated marketing messages you can create using our marketing technology to keep your customers bowling!

  1. The before and after message. You know how busy your life is, well you customers have lives that are just as busy. And it’s down to you to keep them on track and remind them of their booking so they don’t forget. Sure, you’ll have already taken payment for the booking with your online booking system, but it’s not a great experience for them if they don’t get to bowl. An automated email or text before their visit ensures they turn up when they need to. After, a thank you for visiting is always polite- and you can remind them to review and feedback too.
  2. The birthday message. Hands up who likes a birthday email or SMS from their favourite brand or venue? Everyone does, especially if it’s enhanced with a special offer to celebrate their birthday. Do this well and they’ll look for this special offer from you every year. Now, we don’t expect you to maintain a birthday book for your favourite customers. Instead, set up automated birthday and SMS campaigns through Booked it marketing software, and your 10% off birthday packages or a free bowl on their birthday offers will be winging their way to the birthday boy or girl in time for their special day- even if they are 42!
  3. The we miss you message. It’s a sad fact of the bowling centre manager’s world that sometimes, customers do activities other than bowling. We find it hard to believe too, but you can tempt them back into the fold with an automated email or SMS set up to go out if a customer hasn’t been in to bowl for a while. Set it to three months, six or whatever is right for your venue, add in an enticing offer, and they’ll likely be knocking out the splits and strikes in no time.
  4. The you’ve forgotten something message. They went to all the effort of making a booking using your clever online booking system but abandoned their basket at the last minute. Help them out (and you too) with a timely automated email or SMS to customers with abandoned carts, making it quick and easy to click back through and take that final step to get in on the bowling action.
  5. The thank you message. Never underestimate the power of a thank you, especially to your loyal customers. The ones who visit often and seem to really like what you offer. Sure, a friendly thank you when you see them is great, but you can also make this part of your regular automated marketing. You set the rules, say customers booking 4 times in 4 weeks get a discount on their next booking, or 3 visits in 6 months. Whatever your parameters, your most loyal customers will surely appreciate the email or SMS thanking them for their custom and presenting a welcome offer just for them. Now that’s how you build true brand advocates.

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