Five ways to level up your small businesses’ social media presence

Social media is a fantastic tool for those who want to promote their small business without going massively over budget. Social media has, in some ways, been a great leveller in terms of marketing strategies for businesses in the twenty-first century.

However, to effectively utilize the tools at your disposal, you really need to have a thorough understanding of how platforms such as Twitter and Instagram work. In lieu of a social media marketing manager to offer their expertise, we’ve gathered all the tips and tricks we’ve learnt to enhance your social media presence and increase your brand’s success! We have years of experience in the game, so you’re in safe hands.

  1. User-generated content

Small businesses are the cornerstone of the community in which they thrive. The pandemic has increased awareness of the struggles independent businesses can face if their customer base is pulled out from under them, and as a result, many people are happy and willing to go out of their way to support businesses and venue they know and love. Get your customers in on the action, and ask them to take photos of themselves having fun at your venue. You can either re-post them to your page or create a collage of their best pictures. Not only is this a fantastic way to create feel-good community content, but it can also help to attract new followers, promote trust in your brand image, and increase your profits!

2. Hashtags

Hashtags are, for some, a mysterious and untameable beast. For others, they are a useful way of engaging in debate online and making sure that content reaches a wider audience. The thing about hashtags is that they make it easier for users who don’t necessarily follow you to see what you’re posting about. Users can search for specific hashtags that they’re interested in, thereby having access to more brands, companies, and individuals than they usually see on their usual feed. By partaking in hashtag trends, or even starting your own, you can engage with users who don’t follow you – who knows, maybe you’ll even start getting business of people all over the country!

3. Influencer content

Sometimes people get a little bit cynical about influencers, but it’s not all The Bachelor and gift bags. Across the country, there are thousands of micro-influencers that have gained a significant regional following. By engaging with influencers on a regional level, you can find young people willing to promote your wares and services on their feeds. Often, these influencers have far more followers than you could realistically hope to gain, and so your business is able to reach a wider audience than you would normally be able to.

4. Employee spotlight

Take time to celebrate your employees – after all, they make it possible to provide the first-class service your customers have come to expect. Consumers love seeing the humans behind their favourite companies. It gives them a chance to relate to the brand on a more personal level. By posting behind-the-scenes content of your employees in the workplace, your workforce will feel more valued and will feel able to have more fun whilst they’re working. Not only that, but simply asking your employees to post on your Instagram Reel or on your Tik Tok can make your brand seem fresher to your customers, increasingly online engagement and increasing brand awareness.

5. Special events

From #NationalDanceDay to #InternationalCoffeeDay, there are plenty of holidays that are perfect for filling out your calendar when you are in desperate need of new content! Furthermore, many holidays – such as half-term, Christmas, and the school summer holidays – will provide your business with a wealth of relevant, timely content that relates to your brand and your industry in general. For example, over Christmas people will be particularly sensitive to any content offering them suggestions for venues to meet up with friends and families, places to eat and drink, and even discount codes/vouchers for last minute present shopping. Be sure to tailor your content accordingly, so as not to miss potential customers during busy periods.

There you have it! Five nifty tricks to keep up your sleeve in case you’re struggling for content or the most effective ways to promote your brand online. Now, why not do yourself a favour and check out more of our marketing tools on our website?

Words by Rebecca Clayton