The importance of an online booking system for bowling centres

The Importance of Having an Online Booking System for Bowling Centres


‘Anyone up for bowling’ is the question heard in houses up and down the UK as the weekend hits. Give it 5 minutes and your Facebook, phone line and email is full of people trying to book in. Or maybe they just risk it and turn up, hoping to get a lane there and then. This is the reality for bowling centres everywhere. Yes, every sale is important and welcome but with Booked it, you can filter your bookings through an online booking system, saving time, money and your sanity too! Here are the top 8 reasons to get your bowling centre set up with online booking.

1. No lost revenue from no shows. We’re sure that when people call, message or email to book a lane, they fully intend to bowl. It’s just that other things get in the way. The result is lost revenue. With your own online booking system from Booked it though, you receive payment in advance, which means that lane is paid for, no matter what happens.

2. Improved cashflow. The extra benefit of taking payment in advance through your online booking system is the improved cashflow. Funds are accessible before that bowling game is even played, sometimes weeks or months in advance for organised types. Trust us, your cashflow will thank you for it.

3. Staff efficiencies. Trying to man the phones and get back to messages whilst setting up the bowling centre for the day is no manager’s idea of fun. Nor is losing a staff member to these admin tasks when there are a million other things that need to be done to prepare for the day. Get a Booked it online booking system, and that’s a massive amount of both time and money saved.

4. Upsell easily. Can you really upsell effectively over email or Facebook, even the phone? Probably not as easily as the Booked it online booking system can! The system allows you to add prompts and pop ups to upsell during the booking process. The result- increased spend per head.

5. It’s fully integrated into your website. The key with any new system is its ease of use for customers. We’ll integrate your new online bookings system straight into your website, so it’s easy to access, use and book. From a customer perspective, that’s all it needs to do.

6. Structure reigns. As you transition from the chaos of walk ins to the structure of seamless online bookings, you’ll see the difference it makes to your day. It’s easier to manage staffing, control capacity, keep the venue clean and safe, and ultimately manage your bowling centre efficiently.

7. It’ll help you to retain customers too. Not only genius booking software, our online booking system also elevates your CRM and customer experience too. From post visit reviews and feedback to direct marketing campaigns and Facebook retargeting. This is sophisticated software for bowling centres that mean business.

8. Increased bookings. The very best reason to make the switch to online bookings though is this one. The bowling centres we work with that use our technology increase their bookings by around 19%. We’ll let you do the maths on that one.

To find out more about the Booked it online booking system, get in touch with us today.